Shotta Flow 6 Lyrics – ​NLE Choppa

Shotta Flow 6 Lyrics by ​NLE Choppa is latest English song with music also given by ​KINGFISHER & CashMoneyAP. Shotta Flow 6 song lyrics are written by KINGFISHER, CashMoneyAP & NLE Choppa.
Shotta Flow 6 Lyrics - ​NLE Choppa

Yeah, yeah
Said I was done, I’m back at it again
Back in the car, we spinnin’ the benz
Slide at yo’ man, I’ma shoot at yo’ friend
Knock him down and then we do it again
Glock automatic, I changed the pin
Pull a car jack and we changed the vin
Don’t give a f**k, we lettin’ you in
Knuck if you buck, knock the brain off his skin
Tell ’em get low like we doin’ limbo
’cause I’m steppin’ fo’ sure
You get hit in yo’ throat
Never aimin’ at yo’ motherf**kin’ toe
That’s where the tag go and I up the score
Ask my bro is he puffin’ on joe
He was tellin’ me “No, it’s the ni**a we smoked”
I didn’t know until I seen a ghost
So I called up ghostbusters to “Swallow that ghost”
D**k in her mouth, she keep gaggin’ and suckin’
Nut on her cheeks, she was laughin’ and blushin’
Grabbing my heat, I be clutchin’ for nothing
Crash out then we get to uppin’ in public
These .223 told my ni**a to tuck it
When I tell you, “Bust it”, you better start bustin’
I saw a witness, but I’m yellin’ “F**k it”
I started untucking and got me a bucket
I shot at the car when a ni**a was seven
When I turned eleven, I turned to a felon (ayy, ayy)
My ni**a was fakin’, I knew I could smell it
When I’m feelin’ threatened, I turn into melly
Free melly
One pop, we pop, we made him drop
We let it burn, can’t f**k with no rubber
We let it burn like he f**k with no jimmy
My name holding weight, but a ni**a be skinny
I’m sheisty like pooh, but I’m not talkin’ winnie
Shoot at yo’ committee
I’m talkin’ no kizzy
Yeah, no kizzy
[?] dizzy
I make ’em take a seat like he was at wendy’s
Catch him at breakfast, catch him at the club
Like dj emii, give him shots of henny
How many shots?
I don’t know, gave him plenty
I let that boy test me, if you still [?]
Fall in the party, I got this bi**h moving
All in the crowd with my motherf**king jewelry
Reach and I get me a trial and a jury
Know I’m a rapper, I’m also security guard
Start to approach me, then he hit da woah (brrr)
Put the squeeze on him [?]
She better get on her on knees, and then she touch da floor
She went to southeastern and got promotion
Glocc or the draco
Boy you better lay low
Pop out when the case closed
Pop out when the case closed
Wonder where his face go
Give that boy a halo
My shooter, is out meds, he be tweakin’, if I say so
Ayy, six, ni**a (brrr)
Ni**a, bi**h
Ayy, said I was done, I’m back at it again
Back in the car (call that), we spinnin’ the benz


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